Behindflare Discover Websites Real Ip Behind Cloudflare


BehindFlare Gonkar

This tool was created as a Proof of Concept to reveal the threats related to web service misconfiguration using CloudFlare as reverse proxy and WAF.


Most of CloudFlare users believe, that just setting up the reverse proxy which ensures security protection, will secure their back-end servers. This group of users are not aware that the attacker can find access to the back-end servers if he finds their IP addresses. There are plenty of passive and active techniques that can lead you to get the IP address of the Web App server.


./behindflare -h
Usage of ./behindflare:
  -domain string
    	Domain target (default "")
  -jobs int
    	Number of parallel jobs (default 20)
  -proto string
    	The protocol used by the site behind CF (default "http")
  -subnet string
    	Subnet to scan (default "")


This tool had been developed for research and educational purpose. Its usage for illegal actions is against the creator will.

Download BehindFlare: