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Capitalize the data? No thanks! For us, security is a right, a priority, and we can provide it to you.


Prevent Cyber Attacks

We specialise in pentesting for IT infrastructure, WebApps, MobileApps and Banking services. The approach of our security specialists is to study the infrastructure or system to test together with the threats for its industry and apply the most effective method for the security assessment. Depending on the customer’s complies requirements we can help you to reach goals for certifications like ISO, PCI DSS and more.

Our service is not a simple vulnerability scan our team count with great experience in the security field as well as other IT areas like software engineer and infrastructure, it empowers us to bring realistic scenarios to attack and test our customers’ infrastructure.

After the pentest is done you will receive the report with all the findings and we will schedule a call with you to explain it in detail.

That’s not all, so to assure your business success we will perform a retest after your IT team patched the vulnerabilities, so we can guaranty your business is protected.

We are certified partners

Gonkar was founded by cybersecurity specialists who guide the company under the ethical principles of good use of information. Our team has the most relevant certifications in the market.



Gonkar OSCP Certificate
Gonkar CEH
Red Team Ops Gonkar
CISSP Certificate Gonkar

This happened!

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