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Red Pill

Perfect for developers

$ 8.99 / mo

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2 vCpu
1 GB of Ram
32 GB of storage


Suitable for Private
VR chat room

$ 13.99/mo

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4 vCpu
4 GB of Ram
60 GB of storage

The Architect

Optimized for High
intensity work

$ 17.99 / mo

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8 vCpu
8 GB of Ram
80 GB of storage

What is Mozilla Hubs?

Hubs allow you to easily create web-based rooms to meet with others within Mixed Reality. Create a room with a single click, and then share the link with someone. It’s that simple.

All with no app downloads, walled gardens, or content gatekeepers, and on any device you wish — and most importantly, through open source software that respects your privacy and is built on web standards.

All our Plans Include

Free SSL Certificates

Unlimited Bandwidth

Mozilla Hubs Automatic

Backup 7 days of retention

Gonkar Security

Public IP Addresses


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