We wish to take part in solving the problem that is the shortage of Information Security Professionals Worldwide.

Gonkar, who are we?

Gonkar was born as a company of Ethical Hackers, that with the
desire to provide people with better options to protect themselves, created a series of services that guarantee the highest security from the infrastructure.

Our mission

and passion for what we do!

The creation of an aseptic digital environment where our clients can develop with the well-being that their project is safe.

We act consciously and know that data is one of the greatest
treasures of this new digital age. That’s why gonkar’s mission is the development of companies in a secure digital environment, as safe as possible. And for this to happen we have the necessary tools and experience.

As we see it!

The migration to the cloud is the step that optimizes processes and saves costs. The benefits are multiple, centralization of operations, savings in hardware, availability of access anywhere and at any time.

The cloud environment is developing at lightning speed, every day multiple tools are born that optimize the process of administration and application development. Besides, the growth of the company is not conditioned, so it is scalable, the cloud expands as your business becomes more successful every day.

We do our best to make that development unstoppable, that’s why we’ve created an architecture that represents our vision.
Security and development.

The Gonkar team,

the project is our motivation.

Gonkar has united us. Gonkar by a team of people who wake up every day with the same intentions, to provide efficient and quality care that meets the needs of our partners successfully.

We are a team that acts as such, because it knows the value of the cooperation and service that Gonkar offers as a project.

Gonkar is a socially responsible company

We offer free hosting services to Nonprofit organizations.

Keep secure in the wild wild web