Being big or small, for us, the most important things is that everybody gets the opportunity to be protected against cybercrime.

That is the reason why we have developed products that suit all kind of needs.

ServicesICONS-smaller-04Avoid unwanted access from malicious hackers. You can count with high security levels throughout many layers of protection. Additionally we equip your server with a disaster prevention system and scheduled backups. You deserve the most efficient and secure hosting available.

Personal Firewall and efficient protection for different types of servers

  • Web Servers
  • Database and Mail Servers

Your privacy is truly important, that’s why we keep your information safe, by using the most advanced systems such as WAF’s (Web Application Firewalls) IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems) which filter malicious petitions such as SQL Injections and Cross-Site Scripting. These systems send alerts of the suspicious activity to our Security Specialists, who will address the problem immediately and also take preventive measures for future attacks.

We prevent attacks to our servers with our IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and make sure that information in your servers doesn’t get lost or stolen by using our IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) which allows us to provide you with Absolute Surveillance, available 24/7. This way, we can offer a service with high security standards, backed up and available at all times.

All packages include Anti-DDoS up to (3.4TB bandwith) protection 24/7.

All packages include 8/5 with support via e-mail and phone.

Customers can upgrade their support package to 24/7

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) offers your company a professional security level. Here you will be able to have a complete register of all activities in your technological resources. In this way, dangerous threats can be easily localized, and counter measures can be taken immediately.

Our system offers a great variety of services that can help protecting your services:

  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
  • Rootkit check
  • Vulnerability check
  • Data integrity
  • Directories and Archive monitoring
  • Auditing following Standards like ISO, SOX, PCI DDS, and many more.
  • Event correlation

Good news are, that you do not need to change anything in your network infrastructure. If Cloud, Network or only a single server, our SIEM service adapts to what the need is.

Once the system has been configured, you will receive security warnings with the possible threats. Once the warning has been sent, immediate action will be taken to prevent future attacks and a scan will run to detect which parts of your infrastructure are infected.

With such a simple solution, you already start preventing cybernetic attacks, which can lead to severe consequences like, losing the clients trust, economical loss, server crashes and many more.

The most fascinating of this all is, that our SIEM comes with an event correlation system included. It means that the system is constantly learning, about the behavior of your infrastructure, which makes it easier to detect anomalies.

On the other side, experts in Security IT and Ethical Hacking will be monitoring your systems behavior 24/7.

What is Penetration testing?

Penetration Testing short Pentesting, is an authorized simulated attack to prove the security of your data and system.

Can be applied at different levels like for example:

  • Program (single process)
  • Complete application (communicating processes)
  • Network of many applications

The goal is to find evidence of insecurity, typically taking the form of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Why to do Pentest?

What would be the risk if the information of your company and your clients would land in the wrong hands?

Companies spend a fortune trying to recover data that was either lost or stolen. And in some cases losing valuable data that can’t be recovered might have a serious impact.For companies and organizations nowadays, where the amount of Data is so big that needs to be digitalized,  the security of their system is of bigger importance.

 percent of all German small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have already had unpleasant experiences involving IT security incidents. ”

                                    According to a study by Corporate Trust, the damage to German industry caused by industrial espionage totals approximately €4.2 billion per year. 

 “This year’s (2017) study reports the global average cost of a data breach is down 10 percent over previous years to $3.62 million.”

  “Data breaches cost US businesses an average of $7 million”

 “ Ponemon Institute estimates an average breach      cost of $3.5 million in 2017, with a 27% probability that a U.S. company will experience a breach in the next 24 months that costs them between $1.1M and $3.8M.”

Who are we and How do we work?

As pentesters we are a team that use guile and automated tools to find security issues. The same as a malicious hacker will. We are professionals with certifications such as CEH, LPT, CISSP, Red Hat Linux Administrator, Cloud Administrator, Software Security, Cryptography, Firewall Administrators (most of the private and opensource brands) and Network Security. Pentesting is not only about science, but also an art. We are a very creative and versatile and know our tools and can apply them in very different scenarios. The advantages of being a separate team and not a company intern, assures having a fresh look at everything.

Types of Pentest:

  • White Box (The client provides information from application, network, infrastructure, etc. to perform the security test)
  • Grey Box (The client provides information but testers try to find out more vulnerabilities out of the information supplied)
  • Black Box (It simulates a real life attack, the tester will collect all information by himself using passive collection and social engineering techniques)





Basic Secure Web Hosting: include IDS/IPS, Firewall Protection, VPN Access to administrative services, bots & scrapers protection(Protect SEO), Website backup (retention 7 days), Database backup (retention 2 months).



MonthlyMedium Secure Web Hosting: Include IDS/IPS, Firewall Protection, VPN Access to administrative services, bots & scrapers protection(Protect SEO), Website backup (retention 7 days), Database backup (retention 2 months), Threat Solution Consulting.

PersonalizedMost Popular


Monthly / Yearly

Advanced Secure Web Hosting: Include IDS/IPS, Firewall Protection, bots & scrapers protection(Protect SEO), Website backup (retention 7 days), Database backup (retention 2 months), Threat Solution Consulting, Security Test for Web Applications.


$ Scalable

Monthly / YearlyAdvanced Infrastructure Secure Hosting: We host the servers in our secure environment, bringing a secure constelation in the infraestructure with all the advantage of the Medium Secure Web Hosting or Advanced Secure Web Hosting. (Consult for Price)