RedHat is preparing the next big release of openshift version 4.0.

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RedHat is preparing the next big release of openshift version 4.0

In an entry of their blog, they announced that they will be publishing information that will prepare us for the change to the new version of Openshift. They announce that they are developing openshift 4 to be transparent, automatic and ambiance. Following their idea to make the Kubernetes workflow easier.


Automate the difficult parts of implementation in and out of the cloud.

Focus on reliability while hiding complexity.

Continuously deliver easy and secure updates.

Make observability and auditing inherent.

Be more secure by default, without compromising usability.

Openshift is developing its version 4 from the hand of CoreOS who was acquired by RedHat since 2018. They have refined and executed in open source towards the vision of running all the software in the world safely. That vision is built upon Kubernetes, Linux, public clouds, private clouds, and the thousands of other projects that are the foundation of our modern digital ecosystem

What benefits does the new openshift offer?

The best and most reliable Linux operating system. Full hardware support. Easy virtualization. Automatic programming of the infrastructure. Containers. Default security. Easy interaction for developers. Flexibility and reliability without compromising the audit and control of administrators.

Openshift 4 will allow developers to focus on delivering value to users and customers everywhere, without burying it in the details of hardware, software and the accidental complexity of the past.

Gonkar will answer the call to be attentive to the next publications of the Openshift team, to find out all the news of Openshift 4.

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