Terms of Free Migration

Create your Gonkar`s account.

You have 14 days to check our services without obligation.

You do not have to worry about the stock. You can pay for your account before or after migration.

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From ten e-mail boxes

For the mailbox: up to 5 GB. We do not transfer contacts.

Do you have more? Write to us. We’ll price it for you.

Early notification

Please, let us know at least seven days before the contract expires with the previous supplier.

If you already have a paid package, we return the days from sending the application to completing the migration.

The migration process step by step

You check the validity of your current account

The sooner, the better. Migration planning can take up to seven days. Therefore, it is important to inform technical assistance at least seven days before the end of the billing period.

You create an account at Gonkar.com

You have 14 full days to make a decision. During this time, we will move your pages and mail, and you will find out for yourself about the quality of our services.

You are tidying up an old server

Migration is a great opportunity for cleaning up. Delete unnecessary files and databases. Clear mailboxes from spam.

  • I. Create a support ticket to start the migration process.
  • II. To speed up the migration analysis process, specify:
    • The end date of the old hosting
    • Access Credentials for the hosting panel
    • Access Credentials to the domain administration panel
    • For WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, etc, create an administrator account for the migration time.  

After the analysis, we propose a date for the migration to take place.

The analysis does not last longer than 8 hours on business days. We migrate from Monday to Friday in the afternoon. The proposed deadline is usually within one week from the date of filing. In exceptional circumstances (e.g., when the old account is less than seven days old until the end of validity) there is a chance to intervene outside of working hours.

The migration takes about an hour (depending on the speed of the old server) without interrupting the operation of the website or mailbox.

It is essential that after the migration process has started, the page that is being moved needs to “freeze,” i.e. block adding comments, disable the possibility of placing orders.

Last steps.

We change DNS addresses

We redirect DNS domains to point to the Gonkar.com server or assign a temporary domain registered with the account.

Depending on the operator, DNS address changes can go up to 36 hours (usually not longer than 3-4 hours). During this time, some visitors can view the page loaded from the previous server.

We generate new SSL certificates or we use the one you already have.

You change the passwords to which we had access

It does not matter how much confidence you have with us or anyone else. You should know your password only. If only there was the possibility of migrating without sharing passwords, we would never ask for them.
Remember that in the future, no one from the Customer Service Office will ever require you to provide a password. Also, try to change your passwords at regular intervals.

We return the days needed for the analysis and migration process

If your account has been paid for before migration, we will extend your package’s validity by the number of days that have elapsed since submitting your application until the migration is completed.

Do you need accessories?

Write to the Customer Service Office; we have in our offer domain, SSL certificates, Memcache instances, NodeJS, Flarum a place for backups and much more!

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