SysAdmin & Security

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Gonkar has been providing mission-critical business systems based on open source and enterprise technologies for the public and private sector organisations  for the past two decades. We have the expertise and processes to successfully manage systems integration and deployment for enterprise systems and their related services.

Get secure

Our IT security services include:

Infrastructure Installation/Management – Bare metal, Cloud(Public/Private) – Containers – DevOps.

Services Configuration/Security Analysis.

Service configuration will be tested to provide the best performance
and be protected against the most common attacks.

Hardening Infrastructure.

Explained Report/Documentation.

With it you will understand all steps we take to perform the analysis and how we patch the security flaws and system hardening. In this way you will have a full documentation and register of what has been done Infrastructure Design/Documentation.

Performance and Tuning.


Backup & Restore.

Load Balancing, FailOver and High Availability.

Administration & Management of existing infrastructure.