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What is a secure web hosting?

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How important it is to have secure hosting?


Secure web hosting is one of the most critical services on the internet. It basically creates a safe environment for your clients to interact with your business.

Until now, traditional hosting has offered a space in someone’s server. There, your customers or readers were visiting your site, making their purchases and they were happy.

But a breakage on your security system may ruin it all.


The bad guys on the internet


Every day, the internet is being scanned by automatic tools or by human force looking for vulnerabilities trying to gain access to your website, network or server.

Let us talk about the first group, the bots, automatic tools, crawlers. Working day and night on behalf of the “smart guy”, scanning the internet, searching for vulnerabilities, and guess what? When a flaw in the system is found, these tools take over your website, network or server and problems begin.

The second group, the hacker. Commissioned by someone, an adrenaline junkie or maybe someone who found the way how to use your digital asset to gain some money. This group is threatening because it will target you for days/weeks/months until they find a breach in your system, and will not stop till they achieve their goal.

If this happens to your blog, business or e-commerce your destiny is sealed.

You will get a compromised website, network or server, a badly affected revenue and last, but not least, your reputation destroyed. Depending on the scope of the cyber-attack, it can affect your users directly or indirectly, spread through your digital assets and even deny access to your data. The list is quite long, and it does not get any better.

The least of your problems could be a deleted website. In this case, you just need to pay a professional to rebuild it or to make a new one. But one of the worst-case scenarios is when your E-commerce platform is being kidnapped. Do you understand what that means? The hackers will get ALL the revenues from your e-commerce!


That’s scary, what can I do?


If you had been a victim or want to prevent the aforementioned scenarios, you are in the right place. Yes! We have a solution.

Firstly, you want to know who is providing you with the solution and why nowadays it is one of the best in the market. Gonkar IT Security team is formed by Cyber Security specialists, who had been protecting world-leading corporations and banks as well as small businesses. That is why we are not a regular web hosting provider: your security is our main concern.

We will support you and work proactively to protect your assets.

Then how we do protect your corporate site, e-commerce or WordPress?


Server Hardening- Our hosting instances are being checked before production deployment to assure nobody can break into them.

Service Monitoring- each part of the infrastructure is being monitored to detect problems, attacks or anomalies so that we can react before you even notice it.

Firewall- We filter the traffic going to your services to avoid malicious attacks to your web and server.

Web Application Firewall- Each request is being parsed by our perimeter security to stop an attack before it reaches you.

Anti-Malware Detection- Application file system and behaviour is being monitored every day to find malware or detect unusual activity and remove the threats.

Top-notch Support Specialists who help you to improve security and are actively checking the health of our infrastructure.

Anti-DDoS mitigation, being one of the biggest in the market with a capacity of 20+ Tbps.


This is the highest level of security a world-class bank requires, and it is the same we offer to you.


What will you get?


In short? A good night’s sleep. Because your path to success will be clear and customers will be satisfied.

In this way, you can forget about hackers and bots and just focus on what really matters to you: providing your service to your customers.


And by the way… We’ve got a free migration system!


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