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Secure Hosting
Keep your servers safe

with the highest level of security


Virtual Private Network

Protect your data while surfing the internet by using a strong encryption.
Our service is protected by many security layers.


Gonkar aims to become the ‘to-go’ solution for all businesses looking for premium protection against hackers.
We are addressing the problem that is cyber crime by providing our costumers with a variety of services that no one else in the market can offer.
Gonkar has its own team of Ethical Hackers working for you.

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We offer IT Security in all levels

Secure Web Hosting

Prevents malicious hackers to gain access to your website by having a high level of security throughout many layers, also you will have scheduled backups and a disaster prevention system. You and your clients deserve the most effective and safe shelter that will keep your services up and running.

Secure Web Apps Programming

It is important to create web applications with at least a minimum level of security. Programming without taking into account quality standards for safety is concerning because the application itself can be vulnerable to hacking attacks.


Your data accessible from everywhere and totally safe. With Gonkar’s Cloud Storage Services you can access your files in the most secure way with the best security protocol. You can customize the service in a way that specific files and folders will send notifications automatically if someone tries to access those without your permission.


Keep your website up to date against all the security threats in the internet. We will be constantly monitoring your website.  Our crew of Ethical Hackers can pinpoint the weak spots on your own website/server before the hackers with bad intentions do it.

Mail Encryption Service

E-mails can contain a lot of sensitive data about you or the customers with which you keep in touch via email. Today the email services are a big target for hackers to disclosure personal information from his targets. With Gonkar Mail Service you can be sure that your data is completely encrypted between you and your destination, with our security protocols.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Gonkar’s VPN protects your data while surfing the internet by using a strong encryption. Our service is protected by many security layers. Gonkar keeps your sensitive information away from the thieves.

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