Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Secure your business integrity and continuity with our Penetration testing service.

Protect your networks, servers and applications with a team with more than 2 decades of experience protecting companies providing successful IT Security Solutions.

Why is Gonkar´s cloud a good idea?

Cloud computing offers many benefits to organizations of all sizes. Reducing costs, being able to access the information easy and everywhere, and many other advantages.

Gonkar’s Cloud is different than the others. Our team of Cybersecurity specialists and Sysadmins have made the cloud safe from the Hardware level. With constant monitoring and daily encrypted backups, it is hard to find a better offer in the market.


Cost cutting
Data Security
Disaster recovery
Easy Access from Anywhere
Support and Performance

Not just a VM, it`s yours!

Safe, fast and scalable, enjoy the multiples benefits. Our architecture is protected with a next-generation Firewall and our IDS network. No bandwidth limits and daily encrypted backups. An automated escalation system under your own rules and growing at the same time as your business.

VPS prices

Managed Openshift

Adds developer and operations-centric tools on top of Kubernetes.

Taking Kubernetes to another level with Red Hat Openshift, make it fast and easy container work flow.

Management of an entire stack or organization.

Includes team and user isolation of containers, builds and network communication.

Openshift routinely checks the health of your applications. 

Integrated Docker registry, automatic edge load balancing, cluster logging and integrated metrics.

Our Clients 

Enterprises trust Gonkar

To protect against attacks and offer our users a higher level of security, we partnered with Gonkar to help us find any security issues and fix them promptly. The team at Gonkar swiftly worked with us on penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Their detailed findings and recommendations were eye-opening and allowed us to greatly enhance the security of our system. Gonkar`s team were very skilled and also a pleasure to work with.

Uniforce Logistics EfficiencyGuatemala City, Guatemala

Gonkar has been pentesting and hosting our Web-application since 1 year and we have been since then completely satisfied with the results. Every new version of the Web-app gets pentested and this gives us the confidence that we can protect our and our clients information.

MP SPORTS Coaching & Consulting GmbH

Gonkar IT Security has been our Security partner for over three years. In this time, I have witnessed the excellent and dedicated work Gonkar specialist do.
They have been auditing our internal network and servers, and we have never experienced any kind of threat or data breach. I can remark their incredible good attitude towards us. Always ready to help in an effective way.

Cafecor S.A.Panama City, Panama

Gonkar has been taking care of our annually penetration test and assisting us in any security matters to be always compliant with all the requirements being an Online Shop and protecting the data of all our clients and company since 3 years. Gonkar also provides the hosting of our Web-application with impeccable service and quick reaction when we need their assistance.