Gonkar’s Cyber Intelligence is designed to provide strategic and situational awareness for better understanding, identification and anticipation of potential threats


Cyber Intelligence

Cyber threats are coming from everywhere – the internet, dark web, internal threats, insiders, partners and third parties could represent vectors to lead advance attacks. The digital era is among us, and business risk is higher than ever.

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy requires implementing techniques and technology to reduce risks and stop threats proactively.

The actual advanced threats often come from unexpected vectors, and the source is most of the time uncontrollable.

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data detection

Data Leak Detection

Data exposure is unavoidable, whether from an attack or human error of an employee or third party. Cyber Intelligence takes action to detect the disclosure of data by continuously monitoring the broadest range of the internet and dark web, including open and private sources.

domain monitoring

Domain Monitoring

Threat actors use malicious domains to carry out a wide range of online attacks. The registration of a new domain to perform phishing is easily accessible, so everyone can set up a fraudulent website to steal login credentials, perform scams against executives and employees, discredit the company, etc.

The importance of phishing prevention lies in the most vulnerable link in this chain, the human factor. People tend to trust, which makes phishing the most effective method and most used by attackers.

exposure tracking

Exposure Tracking

Disruptive news and boycotts are also considered subliminal threats that could damage the corporate identity of our clients. For this reason, Cyber Intelligence monitors the internet looking for articles that contain your company name and VIPS names.

attack surface

Attack Surface

We provide our clients with situational awareness to show their current exposure online by presenting a surface attack. This category aims to report the actual number of IP addresses exposed online, open ports, subdomain enumeration, metadata collected, and potential misuse of information posted by your company that malicious actors may use to execute advanced attacks.

The importance of attack surface awareness is to provide a clear understanding of the type and quality of data available.

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