Cyprom is a cybersecurity project management platform that centralize every aspect of the process.


The problem Cyprom solves

The most tedious tasks in Cybersecurity PM are tracking endless email threads, exchanging sensitive information, spending time in meetings to coordinate simple tasks, and controlling every step in multiple documents and platforms can be an operative disaster for a modern company.

Cyprom will allow you to manage pentests, intrusion tests, and red team exercises in the most effective way to assemble clientprovider as one team.

As a result of centralizing every aspect of the project, Cyprom will increase your team's efficiency by cutting micromanagement, boosting critical tasks, and endowing deep visibility, tracking, and high-level metrics.

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Cyprom centralizes every step, forget about micromanagement to coordinate a project, third-party storage, Jira, Confluence, Excel, Plain Text, Outlook, Teams, Slack, Trello, Zoom, Skype, Power BI, external password managers.


Understand the status of every project by having a quick look at the planning, thanks to an intuitive interface that allows controlling multiple projects at once.

  • Keep your KPI under control thanks to an intuitive dashboard that presents essential information to provide high visibility of every aspect.
  • Know more about the performance of your teams.
  • Locate bottlenecks in the workflow, and find solutions.
  • Have control over your budget, knowing how much you invest in cybersecurity overall and by provider.


Cyprom allows the automation of processes that release small teams from time-consuming tasks, such as collecting information, organizing requests on-demand, performing escalations, simplifying the exchange of documents, sending automatic emails, etc

We simplify client-supplier interaction by providing a workflow that improves the coordination and visibility of actions for both sides.


Securely stores credentials. It allows sending an email to interested parties along with a temporary URL where they can register the credentials, thus eliminating intermediaries. Every time any collaborator or pentester activates the credential visibility, they must enter their credential, and this activity will be registered. Credentials are stored securely

Learn more about Cyprom downloading its brochure.

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